2022 WRSDC Spring Meeting
April 16, 2022
Rock River Tap Horicon, Wisconsin

WRSDC 2022 Spring Meeting The WRSDC 2022 Spring Meeting was held at the Rock River Tap in Horicon Wisconsin on April 16th. There were 40 members in attendance. Which included 3 new members. It was a buy your own food event. Gather at 11am and order food.
Steve Kanter, our vice-president brought the meeting to order at 12:13 PM.
Jan Young, our treasurer, gave us the proposed budget for the club for 2022.
Claude Chmielewski, membership secretary and Spokesman editor, introduced new members and requested stories for the the newsletter. Also announcing he would visit Dennis Shrimpf and squeeze a Studebaker story out of him.
The new members are: Richard Nelson from Kingston, WI, Jeanine Rader from Sun Prairie, WI and Randy Troendle from Arena, WI.
The election of officers was quick: Steve Kanter – President Jim Pepper – Vice-President Jan Young – Treasurer Claude Chmielewski – Membership Secretary

Rick Rechek