Iola Car Show
July 9, 2021
Iola, Wisconsin

   Sure was great to see so many of us at the Iola Car Show on Friday July 9th.  Wish Lynn and I could have stayed for all 3 days.  Please read the article in this issue for more details.  I talked to members and other interested people about Studebaker vehicles, the Studebaker corporation and other Studebaker subjects that I felt qualified to offer facts or opinions on.  We arrived back home after having dinner with Don Kueny and Barbara Revenson and the Ed Knutson family in Manawa and paying a short visit to John Gunnell.  My voice was hoarse until Saturday afternoon.  I hope I was a good ambassador for WRSDC.  We signed up 2 new members to my knowledge and that made the day even better.
   My thanks goes out to Denise Clumpner and the team at Iola.  I asked if I could drive my (Brand "X") pickup truck with my electric scooter on the back up to the area where the Studebakers were parked to deliver some supplies to our area and that I would move the truck after that if she wanted me to.  She told me that she would give me an escort over there with the golf cart and she did.  She told me to park the truck up by the fence at the end of the show area. She allowed our "Authorized Studebaker Service" dog to attend.   I was impressed by this "royal" treatment. Maybe it was because I've attended the shows for 40 years?  I doubt that is the reason.  The only thing that went wrong was that Yasmin (aka "Jazzy") forgot she was supposed to be a service dog and found a little girl who did not want to quit petting her.  No harm done, just a little embarrassing and a sad little girl when we had to get on with the day. I had more fun being at this show than I had in at least a year.  Thanks again to everyone who helped promote the Studebaker marque at this event and thanks to Terry Frye for organizing this event (and providing the canopy!)