WRSDC 2020 Winter Tech Seminar March 7, 2020

WRSDC Technical Seminar​ Saturday, March 7th Wisconsin Region Studebaker DriversClub held its annual Spring Technical Seminar at the garage of Richard and Bernice Pollen in Manitowoc Wisconsin. The Pollens have a beautiful garage/museum that was transformed into a banquet and lecture hall with plenty of comfort for the 36 members and friends (by this writer's count) who attended.  The Pollen's have a collection of Studebakers that they had on display. These include a 1927 Studebaker Commander, an original (Yes, even the paint!) 1952 Commander, a 1963 Avanti, a 1964 Daytona convertible (Dick still insists that this is Buzz Beckman's car in respect to its former owners, Buzz and Fran Beckman). These cars were parked indoors.  There was also a 1965 Commander parked outdoors on this nice day. Dick has a huge collection of automobilia along the walls and on the ceiling that was enjoyed by all. Bernice did more than her part by donating and setting uop many extras to the catered picnic lunch.  We offer a big Thank You to the Pollens for their work, donations and their hospitality.     
Jim Pepper was introduced and the Technical part of the seminar began.  The talk was on "Bringing Your Car out of Winter Storage"  and Jim, being one of the best Studebaker technical people today        and excellent speaker began his talk.  High points of the talk included:             TIRES  AND SUSPENSION -Jim spoke on radfial tires, Chrysler, AMC and Ford rims, original Budd and Kelsey-Hayes Rims to be used on radial tires.
     IGNITION -Checking your spark plugs and keeping them in the same cylinders (punch holes in a cardboard box to organize), Lubricate the pad in your distributor.  Check your points.
     FUEL SYSTEM - Check or replace fuel filter and PCV valve.  Check fuel lines and replace rubber hose sections if necessary.
     COOLING SYSTEM- Check levels and check acidity.  Acidity dissolves gaskets. Anti-freeze coolant turns acidic over time so beware.
     BRAKES- Check wheel cylinders and re-pack bearings using wheel bearing grease.  Regular maintenance said to repack at 30.000 miles. Consider this. Do not mix silicone brake fluid wit regular SAE                      fluid as air bubbles will develop and brakes will not be effective or may not work at all.
     LUBRICATION-Stat with fresh oil and new grease.  Buy or borrow a filter cutter to check for debris on filter pleats. use an oil will ZDDP  Several different brands were mentioned. ZDDP additives are                              available but make sure to check on correct amount to mix.
     EXHAUST- Make sure the heat riser is not stuck shut.  Check the brackets holding the pipes.  Vibration causes cracks.  Check for brake hoses rubbing on exhaust pipes. This will cause brake failure if                       burned through.
     LIGHTS- Check all lights. Brake lights should work with slight break pressure. If using a pressure-type brake switch, Silicone fluid make cause air to collect in a pressure-type brake switch. may consider                     Installing a direct electric switch.
    AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION- Check level and shifting.
     CLUTCH LINKAGE- Check forks and connectors on clutch linkages. Repair or replace sloppy connections for safety's sake. Jim answered questions and the get-together was adjourned.  We are looking forward to our meetings this year and appreciate the work and concern that it takes to accomplish these events.
       Let's keep 'em "Rolling Along"

Photos by Don Shelton

Photos by Lynn Rechek