WRSDC 2019 Winter Tech Seminar March 2, 2019

WRSDC Technical Seminar​ March 2, 2019      Although driving from the snowy north slowed the progress of driving to Franklin, Wisconsin caused a couple of members to miss the beginning of the Technical Seminar held at Ron Paap's shop, all of the members who attended picked up quickly on the explanation of vapor flow, valve characteristics, cutting back of valves, combustion theory and other points of rebuilding heads and engines presented by Jim Pepper with assistance from Terry Frye.  Jim's experience and way of presenting the heads, blocks and valves he was describing in a manner that even this writer could understand held the interest of the crowd.  Terry assisted with questions and points of his experiences and of course, several questions from the members were discussed and answered.      Next, it was Ron Paap's turn to educate the members with showing us how to correct a slight defect in the clear coating on his '64 convertible. He demonstrated blocking, sanding and painting in a very clear manner.  Ron explained how he learned from his experiences and was giving this demonstration to aid members in being able to do things correctly the first time.  Ron also spoke on removing dents and how to accomplish this correctly.  Questions from the members were discussed and answered.      The decision to go to The Hideaway Pub and Eatery next door to Ron's shop and home was unanimously approved and members went there either by car or on foot.  We ordered off the menu.  The food was good and the conversation was even better.  Word was passed around to attend the Spring Meeting on April 13th.      Members attending were: Jim Pepper, Terry Frye, Fred & Sue Bonacker, Pete Wendt, Gary Wendt,Don Kueny, Bob Christianson, Greg Gardner, Joe Schappel, Don Shelton, Joe Boehnlein. John Lauber, John Seiler, Rick & Lynn Rechek, Peter Holzman, Richard Sevick, Terry Witkowski, Bruce Anderson, Harry Barwick and Claude Chmielewski. (I know I missed at least one member).      Thanks to Ron Paap, who provided the location for the meeting and reserved tables at the restaurant and taught the painting seminar.  Thanks to Jim Pepper for his presentation and expertise on the head and engine work.  Thanks to Terry Frye for his assistance in the presentations and thanks to all who attended!  See you on April 13th at the Wisconsin Automotive Museum in Hartford!