2018 WRSDC Spring Meeting
May 12, 2018
Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Beckmans Honored at May 12th Meeting

         Saturday morning, May 12, 2018, members of the Wisconsin Region Studebaker Drivers Club gathered at City Limits Bar and Banquet Hall outside of Manitowoc, WI to thank and honor Buzz and Fran Beckman for their FIFTY YEARS of service to the organization.  Members and guests were called into the banquet hall at approx. 11AM after the usual outdoor conversation in beautiful weather and viewing the 10 Studebakers driven there by WRSDC members.      The meeting was called to order and after a bit of confusion as to how to organize the agenda, things began to "roll along" in true Studebaker fashion.  Buzz and Fran were introduced and a short version of the history of WRSDC was begun by president Rick Rechek and was quickly added to by the Beckmans and other members, recalling former charter members, meetings and events.  Presentation of a plaque was made by Jim Pepper to Buzz and Fran in recognition of their service and the Beckmans stood to each give a short acceptance / thank you speech.  Buzz announced that his speech was going to be very short and true to his word, it was:      "Thank you".       Fran's speech echoed the same sentiment and appreciation adding a few other complimentary words.      While still at the podium, Jim announced that a yearly award for service and/or services rendered to the club will be given to member or members exhibiting the attitude, service and generosity that Buzz and Fran have provided.  Jim explained that we are taking the example of the Beckmans in setting the bar very high to receive this award.  The first recipients of the Beckman Award were announced:      Buzz and Fran Beckman      Buzz and Fran made a joint acceptance speech to accept the plaque for this award.  It was mentioned that Fran served as club Secretary for 30 years or more and during that time was an excellent provider of coffee and cookies at the meetings at their home.   Stories of Buzz and Fran were brought up from time to time during the course of the meeting.      A letter from Duane Miller  with a presentation of thanks for service to Buzz and Fran was read by Jim Pepper.  Duane could not attend due to recuperating from medical issues.  Get well soon, Duane!      WRSDC Treasurer Sue Bonacker presented a check to Andrew Beckman of the Studebaker Museum for $1,438.00 from proceeds of WRSDC's sale area at the South Bend Studebaker Swap meet.  Andy thanked us for the contribution and WRSDC thanks Jim and Cindy Pepper for managing and being the staff at this event.      Terry Frye made an announcement about our area at the Iola Car Show this year and it was also noted that the Swap Meet that the Badger Wheels chapter of SDC will be combined with the Iola Car Show this year. We hope to have a record crowd of Studebakers this year.      Several members and guests gave information on car shows that they are involved with and these shows are a great opportunity to get our Studebakers "out there" to remind people that Studebakers are a major part of automobile history.  These shows are the opportunity to get local people, and above all, young people interested in Studebakers.      Long-time member Don Kueny related the story of how Studebaker cars were instrumental in the romance and 60 year marriage of Don and his wife, Maureen.  It was a good story and a good memory of Maureen who passed away in February.      To finalize this get-together, Andrew and Tom Beckman, Buzz and Fran's "boys" offered us a little glimpse about growing up in the Beckman Home and the early days of WRSDC.  This was a no-doubt factual and humurous glimpse about life with Buzz and Fran in the days when they were raising their children.


Rick Rechek