WRSDC 2018 Winter Tech Seminar February 17, 2018


On Saturday, February 17, 2018, Wisconsin Region Studebaker Driver's Club held our annual Technical Seminar at Quaker Steak and Lube in Middleton, Wisconsin.  Our thanks to Jim Pepper for organizing and setting up the venue for this event and to Quaker Steak and Lube for the good food and location.     Before the meeting, President Rick Rechek along with his wife, Lynn, had the opportunity to view the collection of WRSDC member Larry Lichte (pronounced "light") that is housed in a facility in Middleton.  This is an eclectic collection of various makes and types of vehicles ranging from International tractors to Packards and one Studebaker along with household items and radios and phonographs.  Larry has offered  his location as a meeting site for one of next year's meetings. This looks like a great opportunity for education and fun.  Thanks to you, Larry, for this offer and we hope to be with you next year.     The meeting began with the announcements of the deaths of:   Jim Van Alstyne, a member who, along with his wife Kay who are long-time noted members at all of our Studebaker get-togethers.  Maureen Kueny, wife of Don Kueny, long-time members and friends, had died the morning before this meeting.  It was mentioned that Al Wells, a former member, had also recently passed away.  Our sympathy goes out to the families and friends of these members along with our continued support as friends and as a club.     Jim Pepper began the seminar with a talk on tire sizes and wheels for Studebakers.  Jim covered using radial tires and using Chrysler and Ford rims to replace Stude rims for the sake of safety as well as the correct radial tire sizes and remembering to use Ford nuts on the Ford rims. This is valuable information for safe driving of our vehicles.     Lunch was served with members ordering their choice of food and drink.  Terry Frye presented a demonstration on removing dents and polishing stainless steel using some pieces of trim. This comes as a benefit to us and the opportunity to save money on trim straightening and polishing with a little practice.    


Kevin Orloff and Don Orloff came with a wheel from Kevin's 1-ton truck that Don had re-made to fit modern tires using the Studebaker center and new wheels.  Don is not commercially selling these wheels but the concept and workmanship on the ones he has done is great.