Iola Car Show
July 14, 2018
Iola, Wisconsin

On Saturday, July 14th 2018 WRSDC and Badger Wheels gathered at the Iola car show grounds to display our vehicles and to sell and swap parts, Studebaker information and to keep up with friends and meet new friends.  The swap meet on row AH was also running on Thursday and Friday preceeding our get-together. This swap meet took the place of the one usually held in Menominee, Wisconsin by Badger Wheels.    Although attendees were monitoring the weather on their mobile devices there was only blue sky  and sunshine along with the hot temperatures.  There;'s a saying at Iola..."If you don't get wet with rain, you get wet with sweat"  Thank goodness, we didn't get rain. Eighteen Studebakers were present covering dates from the 1939 to 1966.  Those attending with vehicles were:

Terry Frye  64 Daytona Convertible,Don and Kyle Shelton 51 Commander 2 dr sedan,Wayne Krause  55 Commander Sedan,Brian Godfrey  64 GT Hawk,Harlan Tegen 66 Commander 4- door,John Seiler 63 GT Hawk,    Bob Krutke  80 Avanti II,Peter Holzman 39 Champion Coupe,Bob Strzelecki 53 Champion Coupe,Joel Drees 65 Commander 4- door,Jim Lemke 61 Hawk,Steve Kanter 51 Champion Business Coupe,Greg Grundy 51 Commander Starlight Coupe,Pete Wendt  62 GT Hawk,Jim Pepper 63 Super Lark,Milward Jones 63 Avanti,Dan Sampson 55 Speedster,Claude Chmielewski 64 Wagonaire

We had our share of goodwill ambassadors at this event including Claude Chmielewski and Jan Wilkens , Don and Kyle Shelton and of course, the organizer of this event, Terry Frye who donated the use of his canopy for a shady place to sit. There were interesting and educational conversations ranging from people who are familiar with Studebakers to people who had never seen a Studebaker vehicle.  Terry informed us that next year the Car Show organizers are doing a car club theme and are allowing 5 spaces in the main show tent to major car clubs and it was decided that WRSDC would participate.  The fun task of which cars of our members will get to be displayed in the tent is something that will need WRSDC participation and consideration. Here's looking forward to Iola 2019! Next year, let's fill up our parking area with Studebakers and give the viewers in the tent a lesson in Studebaker history that they will remember!