WRSDC Fall Meeting
October 7, 2017


Despite threats of bad weather approximately 20 WRSDC  continuing  Members and    3    new Members attended the automobile viewing at  Stauffer Classics between Mount Horeb and Blue Mounds on October 7th.  Two Studebaker trucks owned by members of the Orloff family made sure that we hit our target as we looked for the location , making it easy to find. The cars attending ranged from a '48 Land Cruiser, a '50's 2R5 pickup (with an excellent "Dodge" trailer), Avantis, Avanti II's, Commanders And GT Hawks.

     George Stauffer's Classics collection of automobiles is literally a treasury of fine cars.  Mr. Stauffer's favorite marque is Jaguar and his collection includes many that he has raced in major races worldwide.  It is an education to see these and to hear the stories behind them from the man who drove and owns them. He also has a 1949 Rolls-Royce that is said to have been owned by Queen Elizabeth II that was not the formal Royal limousine but was their "family car" for local trips. Another interesting vehicle was a Lincoln that Mr. Stauffer designed as a mock up for his corporation.  The car was never mass-produced but is a beautiful car.  The "auto ? " that got the attention of everyone is a wood full scale replica of an Indy racer that was driven by Mario Andretti.  This racer is made entirely of wood and took the builder 4 years of his "spare" time.  When George asked the builder if he could have another one built, the builder said that there would never be another one like that built. Looking at the craftsmanship and quality of work and patience involved in building this, one can see why he answered as he did.  The building is a former dance hall and supper club that is now climate controlled and remodeled to accommodate his autos on the former dance floor. the building itself is something to be admired.

     WRSDC would like to thank George Stauffer for his generosity and hospitality in showing us his collection and his building and grounds. It is a sure thing that this collection will leave a lasting good impression on those who attended.

     The caravan of Studes and other vehicles then traveled to Mt. Horeb to Stewart Lake County Park where we had our business meeting under a shelter.  The shelter was not enclosed but the weather cooperated and the meeting was held in the heat/air conditioning provided by Mother Nature.       The meeting was called to order by  President Rick Rechek who delivered a few comments and then proceeded to the Treasurer's Report by Sue Bonacker who announced that the chapter is on a sound financial basis. And then went to the chairman of the Upper Mississippi Valley Zone Meet (UMVZM) that we held in Brookfield at the end of August.  Jim Pepper announced that the Meet was a financial  success and also a social success, as many good comments were received from the attendees. It was voted to donate the cost of sending one veteran (name not yet known) on an Honor Flight to Washington DC in appreciation of his or her service with money from profit of the Zone Meet. Jim made it a point to thank all who helped in any way to make this meet a success. Please see article to be published in Turning Wheels for a more complete account of the UMVZM. 

     Editor/Secretary  Claude Chmielewski  stated that dues would be payable at this meeting and many members attending took advantage of this opportunity.  Articles are always needed for The Studebaker Spokesman

     In the absence of Vice-President Steve Kanter, a committee to organize next year's activities was organized with 7 members signing up and an estimated date to meet in early November.

           Three new members signed up at this meeting. Fred Koehler, Dan Orloff and Kevin Orloff.  We welcome them and their friendship, Studebaker knowledge and enthusiasm is a great addition to our chapter.  Welcome!  Keep up the good work!

     After the meeting, the majority of those attending went to Blue Mounds and had lunch at the Hooterville Inn.  All there seemed to enjoy the offerings of their choice and the atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable.  Lots of Studebaker conversation and Studebaker friends.  After lunch, several of us went to Kevin Orloff's house and collection of Studebaker cars, trucks, an Oliver tractor, a Dodge military vehicle and 2 vintage Chevy trucks.  Thanks to Kevin and his household for the great hospitality, friendship and vehicles and parts to view and the opportunity to think about and dream of having the good things he has collected..  This writer found it hard to leave.  This was a perfect way to end a good day!

Rick Rechek