International Drive Your Studebaker Day

September 9, 2017

Bright sunshine, good food and good friends made Saturday, September 9th a great day and when you add 7 lovely Studebaker cars to this mix, you have a perfect setting for our 2017 International Drive Your Studebaker Day get- together.  This unofficial meeting took place at Gus's diner at the corner of Westmount Drive and Highway 19 west of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  The '50's theme of the decorations made Studebaker people comfortable and  we were greeted by the familiar "Authorized Studebaker Service" circle sign in the front entry. (How many of the attendees took advantage of posing with their sweetheart under this piece of history? - This writer knows of one couple who did...)      The event was held on Highway 19 and as fate would have it, 19 WRSDC members attended.  We even had an official mascot for this event, John Seiler's dog,"Stu". (Guess what his full name is.....)  The number of cars attending were: 3 Avantis, 3 GT Hawks and one '60 Lark wagon. Members attending were:  Buzz and Fran Beckman, Tim Kobernik, Milward Jones and Ellen, Claude Chmielewski and Jan, Greg and Rochelle Gardner,  Jim and Kay Van Alstyne, Wayne Kiefer and Jim Heiman, Doug Powers and Beth, Rick and Lynn Rechek, Bob Krutke and John Seiler  (& Stu)

Rick Rechek