Iola Car Show
July 9, 2016
Iola, Wisconsin

Saturday, July 9th was a beautiful day in Iola, Wisconsin for three reasons:  1.) There were 36 Studebakers (an unofficial count) from at least 4 different states at our site at the Iola Car Show.  2.) The weather was perfect for a car show  3.) Thousands of people attended the show and many took the opportunity to see our Studebakers.  Could you ask for a better day?

     The event was set up in co-operation with the Iola Car Show by Terry and Marcia Frye and a big "Thank You" is given to them for their time and effort.  Terry had his M-5 pickup in the theme ribbon tent bringing the count to 37 known Studes at the event.  Rick Rechek and Lynn Gloege and other volunteers set up under the tent at the entrance to our area to promote WRSDC and the Zone Meet to be held in Brookfield next year.  Flyers were distributed and shirts were sold to promote the Zone Meet and WRSDC.

     Members from Iowa, Minnesota, Northwest Wisconsin,Illinois and of course Wisconsin Region Studebaker Drivers Clubs attended the get -together.  The many younger people who stopped at the tent to discuss Studebakers and how other vehicles compared to Studebakers were one of the brighter spots in a bright day.  This is encouraging to promote the continuing of interest in the Studebaker marque.  Let's try to reach out to younger people to keep this up!

     The best way to see what took place is to look at some photos.  Enjoy!

Rick Rechek

Photos by Don Shelton: