2016 WRSDC Spring Meeting
April 17, 2016
Two Rivers, Wisconsin

It has been said that "It's always cool in Two Rivers " but the WRSDC Spring Meeting on a warm April day brought  12  "cool" Studebakers to the Agricultural Museum, The Hamilton Wood Type Museum, M&M Lunch and the Washington House in Two Rivers Wisconsin.  This meeting was organized through the combined efforts of Ed Carmo, our previous Membership Secretary and Buzz and Fran Beckman.  Ed, through his contacts as a volunteer at two of the Two Rivers Museums obtained the early opening of the Agricultural Museum, not normally open-until late May and the early opening hours of the Wood Type Museum and the late hours at the Washington House.  Our thanks to Ed and the staffs and volunteers at these facilities.  Thanks also to Buzz and Fran Beckman for designing and having the information cards printed and also providing as meeting place at their home to coordinate the efforts of planning this meeting.  Rick Rechek also attended the planning meeting and enjoyed Fran's coffee and cookies while the itinerary was being planned.

     The day began at the Two Rivers Agricultural Museum around 10 AM and we took a walk back in time looking over farm equipment including old tractors, household equipment includuing stoves, washing machines and ice boxes and crafts and clothing.  There were many anecdotes coming from the facts that "We had one of these when I was a kid"  Even with all the the original and restored equipment that is displayed, this writer did not see what was identified to be a Studebaker wagon.  Maybe this is a future goal for WRSDC?

     A short drive down the road took us to the Hamilton Wood Type Museum which has moved its operation to a newer and much larger layout than we saw two years ago at our last meet in Two Rivers.  This "new" facility allows for more display area for the metal type printing presses and the wood type setup tables and presses.  The increased area also allows for more rioom for education of the art and printing of wood type lithography.  There is a new revival in this art and many people are anxious to learn how to print with this method.  Each family unit attending was given a commemorative poster of this event.

Our next short trip sent us back in a northerly direction to M&M Lunch.  This local restaurant located on the river furnished us with a delicious (in this writer's opinion) buffet lunch and the timing of the events worked out very well.  We filled their rear dining room with the 45 members and guests who attended.  Thanks to Leigh and the staff of M&M for a good lunch and comfortable surroundings.


Rick Rechek