WRSDC 2016 Winter Tech Seminar March 5th 2016

       18 adults and 2 children met at the "Mars Cheese Castle" at the intersection of Hy 142 and I-94, west of Kenosha.  The Group convoyed to "Dons Auto Parts and Machine Shop" in Kenosha.  Tony Pontillo Greeted the group and after a brief review of the history of "Dons Auto Parts" he ushered the group into the shop area.  He stopped at each work area, electronics, crankshaft grinding, driveshaft assembly, block cleaning, crankshaft balancing, cylinder block boring, cylinder head work and finally the clean room assembly area, explaining what was done at each area and what technical problems were associated with that area.
     The group then moved into the reception area where Tony talked about the difference between new  and older engines and how modern gasoline and oils effect their performance.  We all learned a bunch and after thanking Tony for being a great Host.
          "Good-byes" were said and we headed out fired up to get back to our Studebakers

       Don Shelton