2015 WRSDC Spring Meeting
April 19, 2015
Best Western Plover, Wisconsin

Fair weather was a welcome addition to our 2015Spring Meeting held at the Best Western Hotel in Plover Wisconsin on April 19th.  Don and Maureen Kueny were the only members to stay overnight at the hotel and their '53 Commander Starliner provided a preview of what was to come the next day for the guests at the hotel.  47 members and guests attended our meeting.  The Starliner was joined in the morning by 13 other Studebakers whose drivers were guided in by a "Welcome" banner with a Studebaker logo and pictures of two Studes that was donated by Gene Buzzell.  The time until lunch was spent by exchanging technical information, catching up on news, stories and parts swapping and, in general, was just a good time.      We went to the meeting room of the hotel and enjoyed a buffet-style picnic-type meal and this writer heard no complaints except for one that the coffee was cold - or was the conversation so good that time slipped by?  After lunch we had a little summary of club business by Treasurer Sue Bonacker and by Secretary Ed Carmo and mention of forming an exploratory committee for a SDC Upper Mississippi[ppi Valley Zone meet in 2017 by President Rick Rechek.  Announcements were made for car shows and activities that WRSDC members are encouraged to attend.  These include, In chronological order, the Skills USA show at West Bend High School on May 23rd, the "Cool City" car cruise and show on June24th and 25th.  This cruise is a large (last year over 500 cars) cruise from Manitowoc to Two Rivers and is being led by, get this...the Wisconsin Region Studebaker Drivers Club  ...HEY ...that's US! this was organized by former WRSDC President, Steve Kanter. Fred and Sue Bonacker then led us on a cruise to and through Stevens Point where we we attended a show at the Alan F,. Blocher Planetarium in the U-W Stevens Point campus. The show, entitled "Bad Astronomy...Myths and Misconceptions"  told why certain legends and beliefs about the stars, the planets, the space program and what is "in the movies" is not always true.  Very interesting but a good recliner would have made it nicer as everything was projected on the domed ceiling.

Rick Rechek