WRSDC 2012 Spring Meeting

April 22, 2012

We met at the Mitchell Park domes in Milwaukee at 10 AM. Visiting in the parking lot is required, as always. The temp was about 45 degrees with a stiff with coming off of Lake Michigan. There are three domes. One is tropical, one desert and the other is typical Wisconsin Spring/Summer climate. Plants, trees and flowers from all over the world are maintained there.

Then it was off to the world famous Miss Katie's Diner on Clybourn Ave. in Milwaukee with 41 members attending. It wasn't far from the Domes. The food was great as were the people and wait-staff. Nineteenth street was blocked off for Studebaker parking. We had a great time ending with a short meeting. We voted on the location for the summer picnic which will be at the Wollersheim Winery on June 30th in Praire du Sac, WI.


Pictures supplied by Steve Kanter: