2012 Wrsdc Picnic

The gathering place for the 2012 WRSDC Picnic was at The Wollersheim Winery in Prairie du Sac Wisconsin. We had about 32 members attending driving 9 Studebakers. After a tour of the winery and wine tasting we had a driving tour to the dam on the Wisconsin River where the hydro-electric plant is. From there we drove up the where the ferry crosses the river and crossed there. Then we drove back to Prairie du Sac and the August Derleth Park for the picnic. I believe it was about 93 degrees but we had a good time. Many thanks to George Paul for putting this event together with the help of Ed Carmo and Rick Rechek.

Recap from Rick Rechek:

Holy Cow !!!  What A Picnic !!!


    Although it was a bit warm, (OK,  HOT!!!) Saturday June 30th was a great day for the members of the Wisconsin Region Studebaker Drivers' Club and their guests who attended the summer picnic starting at Wollersheim Winery with a beautiful tour taking us to the Prairie du Sac dam on the Wisconsin River then to the Merrimac Ferry where we took advantage of the free ride across Lake Wisconsin and then to August Derleth Park in Sauk City where we took shelter from the sun and had our picnic lunches.
      Thirty five people attended he event which was organized by George Paul with help from his neighbors at the Wollersheim Winery.  The people there were very friendly and extremely informative.  This writer had the opportunity to talk with the head winemaker, Philippe Coquard, and we had a good laugh about Lynn's and my attempt at making rhubarb wine. He laughingly  offered, without my asking, that if I brought some over this winter he would taste it. Philippe also told me that he wasn't much of an old car nut, but he did have an old Harley that he was radically customizing, so this extended our conversation.  I was very impressed that a man with his credentials in the world of wine making spoke and joked with me about our hobbies.  Thanks Philippe ! 
      Our tour from the winery we went to the Prairie du Sac Dam where we got a good view of the dam and the river.  Did anyone see any eagles while we were there? 
       There were no casualties on our ferry trip across Lake Wisconsin, although it would have been a good day for a swim, most Studebakers do not float very well.
       At the August Derleth Park we enjoyed the shade of the shelter and many of us took advantage of Steve Kanter's gas grill.  We had 8 beautiful Studebakers for the tour, winery and picnic.  After a short (very short...the kind we all like) business meeting we disbanded for home.
       Again, thanks to George Paul, Ed Carmo, Buzz and Fran Beckman and the rest of the activities committee for a fun, safe, and educational picnic.  Let's get more of us together next meeting and next summer for a good time.   The input for ideas and planning from members for this meeting was great and we wish we could have used the ideas of each member who contributed to the cause but these other ideas will be the basis for discussion for future meetings.

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Flyer for the picnic which was posted in town by George Paul: