2012 WRSDC Fall Meeting

WRSDC Fall Meeting at Pinecrest October 7, 2012

Submitted by Rick Rechek

48 members with 14 Studebakers enjoyed a beautiful day at the Fall meeting at Pinecrest Historical Village just West of Manitowoc on October 7th. We had the opportunity to tour the buildings and grounds, talk to friends and enjoy a good lunch organized by Buzz and Fran Beckman. We took the opportunity to welcome new members Grady and Carol O'Day to our group. Bill Leslie was also at this meeting. Bill is a past President of WRSDC and his son, Mike was at one time editor of The Studebaker Spokesman. A while back, Bill introduced a young (back then) man with a '63 Studebaker Standard to SDC and WRSDC. 29 years later, at this meeting, you elected that man (a little older and somewhat wiser, I hope) as your new club President. Thanks Bill. As always, plenty of Studebaker information was exchanged along with a few stories and our business meeting. The only slight mishap was that the newly elected President had to learn the hard way that the gas gauge in his GT Hawk does not work. (Talk about continuing a person's education...) Thanks to Jim and Cindy Pepper for stopping tp offer help and to Ed Knutson for bringing 5 gallons of gas to solve the problem. At least you can say that the Studebaker is driven... .

It was noted that an article was sent to Turning Wheels describing what WRSDC memberd did on International Drive Your Studebaker Day. Although the article hasn't been printed yet, Ann Turner wrote back saying that ours was the second article they received about IDYSD. The first article was from Brazil ! Buzz mentioned that his son, Andy Beckman, has just had a book published, "Studebaker's Last Dance, the Avanti". This is a great addition to add to your Studebaker literature and is sure to get a conversation abuout Studebaker going if it is sitting on your coffee table. Andy is a member of WRSDC. Proceeds from the book go to the Studebaker Museum.

Thanks were given to organizers of 2012 events: Bill Van Alstyne for the Tech Seminar - lots of good information on the rear bearings Ed Carmo (and Rick Rechek) for the Milwaukee Domes and Miss Katy's Cafe - a great way to spend a Spring Day George Paul for the great Winery Tour and Summer picnic and tour with ferry ride - Hope you were there ! Steve Kanter (and Rick Rechek) for International Drive Your Studebaker Day tour - Nothing like a glass of Schlitz in Elkhart Lake Buzz and Fran Beckman for the Pinecrest Village Meeting - Always a wonderful time with the Beckmans

Past President Jim Pepper noted that Studebakers always get a nice reception when at a car show or parked anywhere where people are gathered. He reminded us to carry club application forms in our Studes especially at car shows. As the Boy Scout motto says: Be Prepared.

Bill Van Alstyne resigned as Vice President as he and Patti are moving to Florida. We wish them the best of everything. They deserve a great deal of thanks for all they have done for WRSDC. If they get lonesome for snow shoveling, we'll always take them back with open arms.

The treasurers and secretary's reports were accepted. Lapse of renewal after one year will terminate membership.

Rick Rechek was nominated by acclamation as new club President. Steve Kanter will be the Vice President. Sue Bonacker will remain as treasurer, Ed Carmo will remain as Secretary and Claude Chmielewski will remain as Editor. Thanks to those who are continuing to serve as club officers and thanks again to Bill Van Alstyne for his service.

2013 events committee will be headed by Steve Kanter. Suggestions for meets were given. A report of the Events Committee Meeting will appear in this issue of The Spokesman. An ad for a Commander for sale will be placed in The Spokesman. Steve Kanter reported that his '51 Champion Business Coupe was in the exhibitor's tent at the Iola Car Show. This is a beautiful automobile and is driven very regularly. After the meeting was adjourned, a man who was once a teacher at the school now at Pinecrest Village showed this writer his beautiful 1949 Buick that Buzz helped restore. Although not a Studebaker, this is an excellent example of a post-war Buick.