2010 WRSDC Winter Seminar

This year’s seminar was held at D&M Auto Body in Slinger, WI on March 13th. Attended by 37 enthusiasts.

The first presentation was on cutting out rusty areas and welding in patches. Points raised were on how much to cut out and when to avoid replacing complicated contours. Also how to prevent warpage when welding. Included was on how to weld up small holes and patch bigger holes that were made for various reasons but not caused by rust.

The second presentation explained the costs involved when having body work done and paint work. Covering topics like using compatible products from the paint manufacturer including solvents and hardener. Included were curing technics from shop temperature to heat lamps to baking in a booth. A demonstration on buffing older paint and advice on sanding and buffing new paint.

The winter seminar was setup by WRSDC member Bill Van Alstyne and the owners of D&M Auto Body. His son Bill was also present. Lunch was Cousins subs with chips and soft drinks and cookies. During lunch a presentation was shown on the restoration of Jim Van Alstyne’s R2 Avanti done by Bill and his son and D&M. We had a very nice time and it was very informative.