Kewaskum Recyclers 2008

Maybe I should have tried harder. I received a call last Spring from a guy who just bought a property that had a lonely Studebaker sitting on it. He thought a Studebaker guy would like to have it. Free he said. I went and looked at a 60 Lark Hardtop with a V8 and three speed and no overdrive. It had been sitting there for quite a while. No wheels on it and sitting down in the dirt. I took pictures but had a hard drive crash and lost them. With an exceptionally wet Spring and increasing responsibilities I really didn't have the time or help I would need to retrieve the car. I should have been more courteous and returned a call to the gentleman, but I kept forgetting to do so. Well, my neighbor came over the other day and told me what I thought would happen. A salvage yard one mile from the car had retrieved the Lark. The frame was rusted in half, no floors were left. I decided to purchase the engine and transmission even though it had been sitting all those years with the spark plugs out and the air cleaner pretty well rusted away.