This is my 1963 Studebaker Lark, 4 door sedan, 6 cyl., automatic transmission. I was a mechanic 25 years and this a chance for me to learn body work.

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I removed the engine in April, 1998.

Blakely Auto Parts in Fond Du Lac, WI boiled out the block and cyl head and checked for cracks and straightness. Bored .030' over and installed new exhaust valve seats.

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The floor are here from Classic Enterprises.

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The right side floor is done, finished in October, 1998.

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Note on the left photo showing the driver's side area around the hood hinge. I have circled the "water catcher" On the photo on the right I had to completely rebuild this so I modified it to eliminate the "water catcher". Re-done with sheet metal and finished with lead.

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