2014 WRSDC Winter Seminar

Jim and Cindy Pepper's 
March 15, 2014

We had a beautiful morning for a drive and  the chance  to meet good friends again, some great food and refreshments, good things to add to our collections of irreplaceable Studebaker stuff and the chance to get education on a Bonneville speed record for a Studebaker engine Avanti, how to repair our heater valves and our defroster motors that turn the wrong way, and a presentation from a NAPA representative complete with a souvenir coin bank and polishing cloth. (OK, English teachers, diagram that sentence...)  What more could a Studebaker man or woman want???  Saturday, March 15 th came as close to being perfect as we can get.

Jim and Cindy Pepper volunteered the use of their house and provided the lunch and a collection of non-perishable food was taken up for a local food pantry Jim's presentation on the Avanti run at the Bonneville salt flats with the team of which Jim was a key part and Ron Hall as driver yielded technical information and answered questions that would be Difficult if not impossible to come by at any other place than with Jim there to provide the answers. Jim will give a similar presentation this year at Iola on Saturday of that event. IT WILL BE WORTH SEEING AGAIN !!!  

Joe Gonzales, a NAPA representative, gave a short talk on what NAPA has to offer the Studebaker owner as far as services and obtaining parts for our vehicles. He left each of us with a change container cup and a polishing cloth as a reminder.

David Desimone gave a presentation on how he repaired his Climatizer Heater control valve.  This information is really good to know, as it can prevent an owner from having to locate a new one. He also told how to lubricate the control cable to save aggravation. Where else could you experience this live and in person??

Cindy set up lunch after David's presentation and we ate and talked to our heart's content.  This was one delicious lunch  Jim and Cindy provided the lunch in exchange for a donation of non-perishable food items for a local pantry.  Jim says we donated eighty (80) pounds of food to this cause. Thanks to Everyone!

After lunch, Wayne Detjen concluded the presentations with a tip and demonstration on how he re-wired his defroster blower motor when he found out that it must have been wired incorrectly at the factory.  Now we know what to do when we have a blower motor that "sucks"...