2012 International Drive Your Studebaker Day

We didn’t cross any international borders but we sure had a good time driving our Studebakers in Wisconsin on our little tour to observe IDYSD on Saturday, September 8th. The group consisted of 11 people who took advantage of a beautiful late Summer’s day and came in 7 Studebakers. Although Brand X’s could come if necessary, there were none in this year’s tour and that made the event even more rewarding. This year we could not find the names of two new locations with Studebaker related names in Wisconsin, so we drove our Studebakers from Franklin to Plymouth, Wisconsin.

We stuck to a Highway A to Highway Z route and began in Franklin (Sheboygan County) around 10:30 AM. We went down County A and toured the campus of Lakeland College with our cars. We then travelled to Elkhart Lake where they were having a local crafts festival. While some attended the crafts festival, others of us found a local restaurant that recalled some nostalgic memories because of its decor and the fact that it served “what made Milwaukee famous” in Pilsner glasses with logos on them that were straight out of the 1950’s or 1960’s. A few of us who were not driving thought these glasses would compliment the Studebakers nicely. Many people had some great comments and compliments on our cars as they were parked across the street from the festival near the restaurant. We toured around the city and continued on the Kettle Moraine Scenic Highway to Glenbulah where we ate at a place named Fudgie’s. The food was reasonably priced and good tasting and the conversation (mostly about Studebakers, of course) was fun and educational.

Back on Highway A after lunch, we went through Greenbush and passed the Wade House Historical Site and headed through part of the Kettle Moraine Forest and turned onto Highway Z and continued to Plymouth where we drove through the city and said our “good-byes” at the City Club on the Main Street.

Participating in the tour were: • Ed Carmo with his 1950 Commander Starlight Coupe • Steve Kanter with his 1951 Champion Business Coupe • Claude Chmielewski with his 1962 GT Hawk • Rick Rechek and Lynn Gloege with their 1962 GT Hawk • Doug Powers and Franklin Powers with their 1963 GT Hawk • Jim and Kay Van Alstyne with their 1963 Avanti R2 • Greg Gardner and his friend Louie with Greg’s 1964 Avanti R1 We have already received a suggestion for next year’s theme and we will have to try to work on that suggestion. Here’s a great suggestion: LET’S KEEP DRIVING OUR STUDES!!!

by Rick Rechek

Photos by Rick Rechek and Lynn Gloege