2008 WRSDC Seminar
Terry and Marcia Frye's Home
Middleton, Wisconsin
March 8, 2008

The seminar started about 11 AM. Tim Kobernik gave a talk on the various techniques of bleeding brakes and Studebaker disc brake setup. We covered everything from replacing lines to bleeding to adjusting drum brakes. Then it was time for lunch. Terry and Marcia supplied the barbeque sandwiches and veggies and chips and cookies and refreshments. Mighty tasty I might add. After lunch Jim Pepper covered getting your Studebaker ready for the upcoming driving season and the deficiencies occuring in the newer engine lubricants in relation to our flat tappet and lifter valve trains used by our Studebaker engines. Then Ben Wenberg informed us on a product called Zddp. This is an additive for our engines to reduce the friction between tappet/lifter and camshaft applications. Very informative. The company even sent free bottles for us to try. Then the question and answer session by Jim Pepper and Buzz Beckman. This is always enjoyable with these two very savvy Studebaker fanatics.

A big "Thank You" to our hosts Terry, Marcia amd Maggie Frye!